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METALLURGIA VIOTIAS S.A. is the leader manufacturer and supplier of welded tube and pipe cold formed steel profiles in Greece. Established in 1992 the METALLURGIA VIOTIAS S.A. has built its reputation on experience, short time deliveries, high level of flexibility, variety of products and their quantities.

Metalourgia Viotias is continuously upgrading its production process by utilising the latest technology in the market.The contribution of this equipment to the firm's success is major, as it has placed the company into a leading position within the Greek market for the last 5 consecutive years. Whle retaining its domestic success, its strategy has expanded in establishing its presence internationally. In that effort Metalourgia Viotias already exports in United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Protugal, Spain, Cyprus, Hungary, Czech Republique, Italy and South East Europe, which already contribute to 50% of the total revenues. These results, aligned with our vision of being known as a company with qualitative and convenient for our clients products, motivate us to increase our efforts in order to grasp an even higher market share in the international field.

The METALLURGIA VIOTIAS production is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 quality system and CE certificate.

All materials are in accordance of EUROPEAN and INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS.